What Is Your Success Looks Like?

Do You Know your success?

Hello and Welcome to the success post

Let’s understand the term of success in light of individual success criteria. Big Question is! Why did I say individual success criteria?

Yes, my dear friend, Success has different means for different people. That’s why there difference in income and living standards of people in society.

Are you struggling with how to?

Find your niche in life
Find your niche market/business
Find your true passion
Find your success direction
Find your way to success

Come on let me explain Success means “A real Success means is getting your carrier and life settle with your passionate niche.”

Passion Leads To Success

It’s always a big question for all. How can identify and understand my real passion? Believe me, I am going to explain passion identification in the simplest term you will find ever.

Passion When you are ready to sleep without eating food, ready to suffer for your cos while…. Practising Sports, Practicing Business, Science Experiments.

Not giving up your goal and ready to pay the price of it is passion.

A desire to breaking the boundaries of your limits to find a Dream.

  • For A Student: – Favourite Subject, Course, Collage, Subject etc.
  • For A Professional: –    Job, recognition, Financial Increment, Vacation etc.
  • Business & Entrepreneur: – Success of Product & Service, Market growth, Brand, Profits, Digital Marketing.

Let’s Discuss Great examples of passionate people & personalities around the world…..

  • Prophets& Thinkers: – Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad(s.a.w.). Thinkers like Aristo, Karl marks
  • Saints Around the world: – Nanak Ji, Kabeer Ji Ravidas Ji, Mother Teresa, Vivekanand Ji,
  • Political Revolutionist: – Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Vladimir Lenin, Mao, Nelson Mandela etc.

They came with their great ideology of a peaceful humanity nation. Rulers and citizens of the time gone against them. They are banished from their own homelands. They suffer from social boycotts, mental and physical harassments etc.  But there was a passion to prove the world wrong and they did it.

  • Businessman’s: – Steve Job, Jamshed Ji Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani, Ford, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos etc. They started the business from scratch they suffered they didn’t give up and today their companies are having the biggest name in the world.

Elon Mask a name of courage and scarifies in business we read every month and the year his experiment and failures. He is not ready to give up that is the passion of not giving up your dreams.

  •  Scientists: – Thomas Alva Edition Fails ten thousand times while making a light bulb but there was a strong passion and goal behind him that continuously motivated him to achieve the goal and destination of hard work.
  • A Sports man: – like Ronaldo and Messi, Sachin Tendulkar, Major Dhynchand. They worked hard Practiced thousands of hours to reach that level of expertise only because of their goal of doing the best of the best.

The most Important thing is they enjoy their work. Scientists doing the experiment is the most interesting and fun thing to do the same for sportsman politicians Businessmen.

Here is my final word “do not give be consistent on your goal it can or it will take time but you will achieve it the only condition is to be consistent on your passion.”

Find Passion Find Success!

            Yes now let me make it clear how to find your passion. Let’s understand the image below to clear understanding of passion.

  1. The first one is to find the area that you are talented in, or can develop talent in.
  2. The second one is to understand the market needs along with identifying your customer avatar.
  3. The third one is to find your passion.

“Approach Your Success Step By Step”


From the above image, we can understand our real passion is the centre of talent passion and market need.

In simple words “The point where our skillset talent meets with the demand of market and people is our real passion.”

Steps to identify your passion

  1. Make a list of talent, knowledge, skills you are good at
  2. Research & identify make a list of market demand for those skills, the knowledge you are good. (A Research on Market demand of yourself.)
  3. Identify which skill you have the most demand in the market and you are good, Sharpen it more and start your journey.

Optimization Of Success And Life

Optimization of life can be your next and first most important step towards the success in life. While you are working on your goals.

Let me explain how optimization works!

When you realize the effects and importance of things happening in your life, things you are doing in your life, it is something self-realization.

There are be some important thing from where we can start optimizing our success and life together


Time: – Time is most valuable asset of life to live a successful life. Once the day gone, we cannot reverse it so utilize plan and optimize tour time on the most effective way. Find out things to do on priority and categories it in 3 points below


  1. Most important unavoidable do it first.
  2. Important but you can do it letter
  3. Thing and work you can do letter


Productivity: – Productivity is the important think to be a successful person in life, so always optimize your work on productivity first and entertainment latter. Otherwise you know what will happen! Life will spend on paying bills and EMIs and loans. So, look after productivity of your work.


Health: – Hurrah Health is the most important thing to survive in the competitive world you have to optimize your health to be alive and kicking the challenges of life. Only a healthy body can hold a healthy brain. Success cannot be achieved and counted by money and lavish live you have until you do not have a healthy body with you.


Updated With Skills: – Learning and being updated with skills is the art of being in war of success in todays life, either you are a gardening, Digital Marketing or trying to achieve dream health conditioning or anything else you are struggling with.


Last but most important never give up your freedom for money and greed of success always make a balance between your life and your success.

Conclusion: – With the above examples and explanation, we came close to understand passion and success has a very close relationship that a clear passion always leads to tremendous success in life. Stay with me to stay with my blog to know more about success and ways to find your success.

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