Let's Learn How World Going To Change By Digital Medium

Ahmed Nehal working on a mission to spread the digital knowledge. Let’s use the power of internet to grow your carrier and business.

What I Do!

Sharing knowledge to make change in life

Knowledge Share

Sharing knowledge on topics

Sales and Internet

marketing 4.0

Search engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

Content Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Facebook & Google Advertising

Speak For Change

I speak to solve issues in our financial lives.

Helping people to make right decision in carrier.

Spreading knowledge of future marketing and sales.

Trying to make impact on common mans lives.

More we speak the knowledge more people come in light of success.

Let’s Share and make impact by power of going Digital.

Writing For Revolution

I write the need of people.

I write the need of future

I write about the shape of business in future.

writing blog to positive utilization of social media.

Writing about changes in peoples buying behavior.

Writing on the next revolution of human society.

Writing to make world a better place.

My Story

I am very glad you are here visited to know about me. 

A village boy a dreamer from  Jaunpur a small city in Uttar Pradesh India Shaping my carrier in Mumbai. I was always an average student in my school. I never think about grads and high ranks, just enjoying the life on my own way. After my MBA degree in Marketing started Job in multinational company, in last 5 years most of my friends got settled with their life and jobs. they were happy with job and businesses they are in.

I was always interested to do new experiments in life. At the pandemic time of 2020 life stopped and gave me time to think, what I can do along with my current job? what will be my next experiment with life?

Finally, I decided to start with blogging and sharing my knowledge and experience with the world. So that others can get benefitted by knowledge.


I am working on a mission to increase digital literacy in India, by sharing information and experience achieved by reading books and working in a global environment.

On this blog, I write about Digital Marketing, Indian Sale market, Future sales and marketing trends etc.

 My knowledge Sharing might be helpful for you to decide and choose the best carrier and professional practice for yourself